The 4th Annual Zambia-Canada Research Partnership Workshop

The vision of the Zambia-Canada research partnership is to improve the health of Zambians, by strengthening the national health research system. This will be done by:

 • strengthening health research capacities of both Zambians and Canadian partners at the individual, institutional and “system” levels; and

 • increasing the production and use of health knowledge (research) through Zambia-Canada partnerships

To: All Zambia-Canada Research Partnership team colleagues

From: Vic Neufeld,  Stephanie Nixon and Gail Tomblin Murphy (workshop co-facilitators)

Re:                         Preparation Note #1

We are very pleased that some of you will be able to join us in Ottawa for our 4th annual workshop. But whether or not you can actually come to Ottawa, we hope ALL of you will contribute by responding to the questions at the bottom of this note.  As you will have seen in the announcement on our website, this year we have organized a 2-part workshop—Part 1 in Ottawa (November 3rd), and Part 2 in Lusaka (December 8th).

A reminder about details for the Ottawa workshop: We are being hosted by His Excellency Ambassador Bobby Mbunji and First Secretary (Education) Ms. Grace Chintu Ng’andu at the Zambian High Commission.

Location: Suite 205, 151 Slater Street, Ottawa

Timing:   4:30 – 6:00 p.m. Monday November 3rd

Following the 90-minute workshop, we will continue our discussion more informally over dinner from 6:30 onward at Carmello’s, 300 Sparks Street

Proposed Objectives:

  1. To review our achievements of the past year [see the plans outlined in the summary report of last year’s workshop] and re-kindle our collegial relationships;
  2. To be updated about the Zambian context, and the work & plans of team members;
  3. To obtain your ideas about the Part 2 workshop in Lusaka:  what should the goals be and who should be invited?
  4. To plan our work for the coming year, within the context of a longer-term strategy.

Questions for your input:

In the next couple of weeks, could you please let us hear your views in the comment box at the bottom of this note.  Below are the questions for your response. Please let us hear from you by Friday, October 24.  We will then post Preparation Note #2 with some further details.

  1. Will you be joining us in Ottawa?
  2. What is your assessment of our achievements of the past 12 months, based upon the work plan from last year’s workshop?
  3. Any comments on the proposed workshop objectives?  In particular, do you have suggestions about specific issues that should be addressed?

Zam-Can Workshop Report, 2013

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